Projected Vessel base.

Projected Vessel base.

With Plastic Pollution our Oceans face the most disastrous environmental crisis in history and our Naval Pyrolysis Fleet means to answer this issue.

Trough out recent history we have caused great damage to our Oceans Eco-Systems, and nothing has done more damage then the Oil Spills, yet all of the Oil Spills in history put together do not account for the massive damage that Plastic Pollution is causing now.

The Oceanidi project was founded to Inform and Educate about this disastrous environmental Crisis and to Eradicate it before it’s too late. Our Mission is to save our Oceans, their Marine Creatures and Ecosystems.

Our goal is to Inspire the world for definite and drastic change in our behavior and interactions for a future of Sustainability in absolute harmony with the Environment, our Oceans and most importantly in respect of all leaving creatures. 

It is paramount to understand the important role that each species on Earth plays, cherish the largest ones such as the most majestic creatures to have ever leaved on Earth, like Wales and Elephants, mammals of great intelligence, and incredible maternal love, not just with admiration, but with respect.

Same respect that we must give to even the smallest & microscopic of species, such as PhytoPlankton which ironically, not only it stands at the absolute base of all life in our Oceans, but also gifts life to all leaving creatures on Earth trough the creation of Oxygen, while additionally absorbing harmful Co2 emissions, which they use with sunlight trough photosynthesis. Making them a fundamentally important and irreplaceable part of all life on our Planet. Our only Home.

It is for this that we proceed with great concerns in the way to go about this Gargantuan Mission that we at Oceanidi have set out to achieve, and we also must carefully consider our operational impact to our Environment and all Marine Creatures.


The Oceanidi project with its Pyrolysis Naval Fleets to Eradicate Plastic Pollution are not only gargantuan in size and scope, but a truly complex one to execute. This starts with our Founder Mr. Ketch Rossi’s original and unique idea to design a Vessel that perfectly embraces the paramount mission.

Years of research and technological brake troughs will bring upon the collaboration of numerous Maritime Industry world leaders such as renown Shipbuilders Fincantieri Vard and the expertises and innovations of specialists such as Scanship Marine Systems and WPPEnergy Systems & Waste to Energy International represent the latest and most advanced Maritime technological discoveries in their individual fields, which allows for the design of such unique Vessels for the first time in history that will give life to a new era of close to Zero Pollution Vessels.

Internally this Vessels will be equipped with a Advance Fast Pyrolysis systems to decompose all Plastic Waste and turn it to Bio-Fuels in a close to Zero Carbon Emission process while onboard, and allowing the Vessels to travel indefinitely across our Oceans while been refueled by the Bio-Fuels extracted form the Plastic waste collected, further and greatly reducing any Pollutant Emission in to our Oceans and Environment.

Additionally in order to truly make our operation Eco-Friendly, our Vessels design will integrate the most complex system to Recycle all Waters and waste created during our journey in open waters, to insure that at no time Oceanidi is cause to Pollute, but always the driving force to set an example in utilizing the most advance technologies to insure we always respect our Oceans and eliminate any opportunity to pollute.

This new class of Vessels, while uniquely designed for the Mission at hand, will be the inspiration for all Vessels types to come which could an should all integrate the same systems deployed on our Vessels to insure that Pollution in our Oceans and the Environment becomes a thing of the past, an that our Oceans multi Trillion dollar economy thrives sustainably.

Deployed to circumnavigate our Oceans, including the known Gyros areas where Plastic Waste is most dense and to Islands and Coastal Areas most affected by Plastic Pollution, they will be a Catalyst in the fight against the Eradication of Ocean Plastic Pollution. While saving entire communities & Marine Ecosystems.

The actual elimination of all recovered & collected Plastic Waste will be handled by onboard Advance Fast Pyrolysis systems. “PyroLysis” (in Greek pyro means "fire" & lysis means "separating") decomposes Plastic Waste at high temperatures but without the fire actually ever burning it.

This is done by indirectly heating Plastic Waste in a Oxygen Deprived environment, to be built as a Multi Shaft State of the Art Close Loop system, which it will also capture the low emissions coming from the actual Bio-Fuels burned to heat up the system, and feed it right back to the System for heating.

This multi shaft close loop process will additionally save the burning of more fuels, which are btw extracted from the Plastic Waste itself, not requiring additional outside resources, making completely autonomous outside the input of Plastic waste.

The Pyrolysis process produces a negligible 50db super low Noise Pollution, NO AIR Pollutants emissions, NO SOIL Pollutants emissions, NO Dusts, NO SMELL, as there is no direct Burning of any materials, resulting in the production of valuable byproducts in return, such as Bio-Fuels & Bio-Char.


The main characteristics of such Vessel, will be that it will function like a Mega Trawler, equipped with the largest and strongest fishing nets ever built with the ability to capture from the biggest to even the smallest Plastic Waste pieces from the Surface & Subsurface of our Oceans in a super Slow Trawling mode, allowing all Marine Creatures to escape capture.

However we are also deep (pun intended) in research to see the possibility to additionally capture Micro Plastic down to the size of 5mm trough a super fine filtering inner Net system for Micro Plastics filtration, which while will leave PhytoPlankton species unarmed, as they will still be able to pass trough, krill will be captured if present.

This is the delicate yet necessary debate about either spare the likely capture of Krill or sacrifice a very small portion of its population to allows us to deal with the Trillions of Micro Plastics pieces in our Oceans which are responsible for killing well over “ONE MILLION” Marine Creatures each year, this includes various Bird species and Fish species, Turtles and Whales, and finding its way in our Food Chain. 

While Krill is estimated of been one of the world’s largest marine Biomass weighing over Half Billion Tonnes, only 1% is been fished out every year, despite the large commercialization, but we do still care very much not to cause any unnecessary arm to the Oceanic Ecosystems and any of the Creature in it.

Fortunately thanks to the same modern technologies with GPS Networks and real time communication & Navigational systems that allow Krill Fishing Trawler Vessels to identify their catch, will also allow our Fleet to spot them and considering the Super Slow Trawling speeds our fleet will circumnavigate the Oceans, avoiding Krill schools will be relatively easy, saving them from been fished out of water.

For us at the end is a moral question of priority, which is a very hard one as we do believe firmly in respecting all leaving creatures on Earth, and while Human lives do take priority, all life matters to us. This is why we set out to do what we do, because we care about what is happening to our Oceans and our Planet. 

Micro Plastics are not only harming Humans, are harming all leaving creatures that depend on our Oceans for their food source, and not just us. This is why it must be dealt with in one way or an other before it’s too late.


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