Projected chosen design of Oceanidi’s E.M.P.V. by Gabriele Teruzzi.

Projected chosen design of Oceanidi’s E.M.P.V. by Gabriele Teruzzi.

During PHASE ONE of the Oceanidi project, we will also create the NFSNaval Film Studios” project, to be a part of the Nonprofit Organization itself, or as its own business entity, but still committed to support the Oceanidi project.

The NFS will completely differentiate itself from all others, and it will be built to become the Wonder of our Oceans, and the true Star of our Cause.

Not because of its unprecedented massive 279 meters proposed length size, or its truly ground braking futuristic flawless design, with its necessary meticulously balanced luxuriousness & grandiosity.

Nor because of its on-Board most technologically advance Film Studios & State of the Art Dolby Cinema Theater, or its majestic Triple Deck Grand Hall, purposed as Special Events Venue for Red Carpet Gran Gala Charity events to raise awareness of the Cause and Aid with funding while celebrating both, the film industry as well as the Music Industry, a truly critically important and fundamental element to every Film.

The NFS will become the Wonder of our Oceans because of the true Nobel & Gargantuan scope it’s set out to accomplish, by representing & carrying a leading position to the unprecedented Cause we have taken up to Inform, Educate and Inspire the world for change in the fight of our lives against Plastic Pollution.

Yet, ultimately the NFS will serve its most important role trough the special relationship it will create Informing, Educating and Inspiring our Torch Barriers.

The Children of the world!

The NFS will become a vessel the likes the world has never seen, and represent the pinnacle of the most advanced State of the Art Eco-Marine Technologies, likely to be built by Fincantieri Yachts on the basis of Italian Yacht Designer Mr. Gabriele Teruzzi fantastically tough original conceptual design he called Shaddai.

Planned as an advanced Hybrid systems using ABB Azipod Electric Propulsion Units, it will have a substantially lower Carbon Emission than any other vessel of its kind, and it will also reduce vibrations and noise not only for on board comfort but especially in respect to Marine life. Further more, the on board Battery banks will be recharged trough a series of Solar, Hydro and Wind power generating technologies.


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