Oceanidi is an Environmental and Conservation project of the IRS Approved 501(c)(3) US Nonprofit Organization EIN:46-2102811 “Ketch Rossi Humanitas” founded by Filmmaker Mr. Ketch Rossi.


Eradicate plastic pollution to save our Oceans, change lives, and inspire the world.


A world with healthy Oceans where humanity prospers through sustainability.


Save our Oceans and their Marine life, assist communities, traveling to the areas most adversely affected by Plastic Pollution with a fleet of vessels and machinery for the recovery, collection and processing of all plastic waste to eradicate plastic pollution.

Provide adequate eco-friendly plastic recycling and/or elimination facilities at or near each community to manage plastic waste, alleviate further human suffering and maintain a healthy marine life.

Educate and inform about the disastrous global effects of plastic pollution, change lives, and inspire the world.



Ketch Rossi

Ketch Rossi


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I am Ketch Rossi, and when people ask me to describe myself, I say that a I’m an extraordinarily passionate ordinary man with very big dreams, and that is why I became a Filmmaker.

However, trough my world travels I have been observing what is happening in our Oceans, “TO” our Oceans and I chose to do something about this paramount cause and its gargantuan mission to Eradicate Plastic Pollution.

I know what I am getting myself into, and I am preparing to abandon Land for life on Water to support this Cause with undeterred passion.

To achieve this I set out to create the Oceanidi project, which is itself formed by two distinct paths of action:

One is via the NFS Naval Film Studios in line with an industry I spent my entire life learning and aspiring to, an area with which I know I can make a crucial difference in.

The other is via the PNF Pyrolysis Naval Fleet an area of which I know only what I have learned trough the past few years of Studying and Researching, but enough to be able to make positive key decision while been advised by the elite Team that will be chosen to run the project’s Path.

The NFS project, will either be a part of the Nonprofit, or its own for Profit Business entity in which case it will still remain committed to support the Oceanidi project.

I have done an incredible amount of research and carried many discussions with various professionals of different but related industries around the world, all which agree that while without question Ostentatious, the NFS will undoubtedly be the foundation & Catalyst in the fight to Eradicate Plastic Pollution.

It will provide the absolutely needed constant exposure at a global scale like nothing else ever could, while also producing entertaining content to Inform, Educate, and inspire in a very unique way.

I chose to also do the absolute best I can to take the Oceanidi project and its paramount cause to an entire different level. Because while there are now numerous organization, hundreds in fact dealing with Plastic Pollution and the preservation of our Oceans, it’s just not enough.

NONE of them are set up to deal with the issue at hand in the manner in which it must be dealt with, and I admire greatly and truly applaud every and all efforts no matter how small.

Experimental projects and Research and Expeditions projects are also happening and I applaud their efforts too, because we need as much efforts going on as possible to win this great battle against Plastic Pollution.

But in careful consideration of the size and scope of the environmental crisis we face with Plastic Pollution been of such Gargantuan proportions, if we are ever to truly successfully Eradicate Plastic Pollution and save our Oceans and our Planet before it’s just simply too late, we must create an equally Gargantuan plan of action, and I have. It’s called Oceanidi.

I go in to the world involving any one and every one that I can, at all level of our society from any corner of the globe, no matter how long it will take me, I will not abandon this cause.

I will involve all groups of Artists and Celebrities from every Industry, Corporations and any and all Organizations and Governments entities that wish to collaborate and help me helm such an imperatively paramount cause.

I can not do this alone, but I am starting this alone, and any one that knows me, knows that I dream big, very big, but I would never dream to be able to accomplish this alone.

I need all the support that I can get in order to offer this organization the best chance to succeed in its unprecedented goal. For this I remain at any one’s disposal to answer any questions, and meet in person with any one interested in the Oceanidi project in its paramount Cause.

Oh, in case you’r wondering, I’m doing this because I can, and because I can’t stand watching what is happening to our Oceans and all related Marine life. I know I have the power to do something about it, and that is exactly what I am doing.

Because I truly believe that my actions can indeed be the catalyst that will save our Oceans, change lives and better our planet. Our only home, for now.

I am truly eager to share my passion with you.

Yours truly,

Ketch Rossi


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