Oceanidi is an Environmental and Conservation project of the IRS Approved 501(c)(3) US Nonprofit Organization EIN:46-2102811 “Ketch Rossi Humanitas” founded by Filmmaker Ketch Rossi.


Eradicate plastic pollution to save our Oceans, change lives, and inspire the world.


A world with healthy Oceans where humanity prospers through sustainability.


Inform and Educate about the disastrous global effects of plastic pollution, change lives, and inspire the world.

PS: The MFS project is a separate For-Profit Business Entity, mentioned here because also a project of Ketch Rossi, and committed to #ProjectOceanidi.

Our Founder: KETCH ROSSI

Ketch Rossi

Ketch Rossi


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I am Ketch Rossi, and when people ask me to describe myself, I say that a I’m an ordinary man with extraordinary passion, and those that know me well, know that when I set out to do something I never give up.

I have been very Passionate about filmmaking since childhood, and that brought me to leave my own Country behind to travel to Hollywood to pursue such passion and Dreams. Today that passion burns as hot as ever,, but there is also something else that has now caught my attention as I set out to make my first Motion Picture.

PLASTIC POLLUTION. I just can not believe what I have been observing trough my world travels, I can’t believe what is happening in our Oceans, “TO” our Oceans and I refuse to stand passively doing nothing about it, I chose to do something about it.

I know what I am just a Filmmaker, which actually as I’m writing this hasn’t even really made its first Movie yet, but I know what I am getting myself into, and I am preparing to abandon life on land for life on water to support this cause with undeterred passion.

To fully support #ProjectOceanidi I set out to create the MFS Naval Film Studios in line with an industry I spent my entire life learning and aspiring to, an area with which I know I can make a crucial difference in the Information and Education side of things, and hopefully my Passion will be strong enough to spread wide and Inspire the World for positive and definitive actions to Eradicate Plastic Pollution and save our Oceans and our Environment.

I have done an incredible amount of research and carried many discussions with various professionals of different but related industries around the world, all of which agree that while without question Ostentatious, the MFS will undoubtedly play an important key role in the fight to Eradicate Plastic Pollution.

It will provide the absolutely needed constant exposure at a global scale like, trough the production of entertaining content to Inform, Educate, and Inspire the Eradication of Plastic Pollution and positive actions to save our Oceans and our Environment.

I am truly eager to share my passion with you.

Yours truly,

Ketch Rossi

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